I started at Smith as a Book Publicity Intern in the summer of 2019, and I am currently working for them full time as Publicity Coordinator. Over the past 2 years, working at Smith has allowed me an invaluable look into the book world. I have had the opportunity to try on multiple different hats and learn about every genre in the book world, from fiction to memoirs. In my current role, I assist publicists in coordinating daily publicity procedures including pitching, creating media lists, and communicating with both clients and media. I also coordinate internal communications and initiatives with BookBaby, Bowker, 2Nimble, and NetGalley. I maintain our internal media lists, submit to book awards where appropriate, assist with social media and website consultations, and create graphics whenever needed.


Mighty Writers

Poetry Workshop Leader


In the summer and fall of 2020, I worked as a workshop leader for two different writing workshops with Mighty Writers. In the summer, I worked as a TA for a workshop for girls aged 12-14 focused on celebrating bodies, particularly female bodies. In that workshop, we studied film, media, and literature about the female body and decoded messages that society holds about our bodies. In the fall of 2020, I ran my own workshop called "Poetry is everywhere!" where students aged 12-14 studied various forms of poetry that borrow lines, words, phrases, or themes from elsewhere to inform the new creation, such as collage poems, blackout poetry, the Duplex form, the tanka, and haiku.


Global Treks and Adventures


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I got the chance to be an intern with Global Treks and Adventures during the summer of 2019. We traveled to Iceland for 10 days, hiking and exploring the southern region near Reykjavik and gathering information for their travel publication. I worked on the "Wildlife" section, doing research about each native species and taking detailed notes about every animal we encountered, as well as writing detailed descriptions of each species in the trail guide. The book is set to be published during the summer of 2020.

I ran a freelance publicity campaign for Michelle Jacqout's debut self-published poetry collection Death of a Good Girl. I created media lists, pitches, and press releases for the book leading up to it's August 1, 2019 publication. The campaign primarily focused on Bookstagrammers and bloggers. Jacqout and her book has been featured on multiple Bookstagram accounts, including @books_with_bethany, who has 13.5k followers.

In Montclair's Office of International Engagement, I work as Study Abroad Peer Adviser (SAPA) Coordinator. In this role, I communicate with all of the SAPAs, as well as prospective students, and students who are about to go abroad, or are currently abroad. I run the office's social media, mainly our Instagram account. Since I have taken over the account in January of 2019, our 500 some followers have more than doubled; today we have over 1,000 followers. I also put together advertisements for the office to be printed in the University newspaper and write directions to assist both SAPAs and students who are learning to navigate our website and application.


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