2018 - Present

Celestial Musings: Poems Inspired by the Night Sky

My poem “Powerlines” appears on page 59 of Celestial Musings: Poems Inspired by the Night Sky, a poetry anthology that lends it proceeds to the Charles W. Brown Planetarium at Ball State University.

Plum Tree Tavern

My poems “The Bench Behind Stone Hall” and “Ivy” appear in Plum Tree Tavern.

Inky Pantry

My poem “Occupied” appears on Inky Pantry.

Inky Pantry’s editor Deborah Edgeley interviewed me about my experience as a young writer.

Burning House Press

My poem “Home” appears on Burning House Press.

Red Cedar Review Vol. 53

My poem “Powerlines” appears on page 23 of Red Cedar Review Vol. 53.


Travelista Club

My article “PHOnomenal Eats in Ho Chi Minh City” was published on the Travelista Club website. The article details my personal recommendations for excellent experiences dining in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

WMSC Radio - Montclair

My review of a Halfnoise concert and venue was published on WMSC Radio's website.