Camping in the Driveway

These are unprecedented times, so of course, we must do anything we know to do in order to survive. For me, this means getting out of my house! I have taken to the driveway! I am now (partially) living in a camper!

The need for personal space, space that I can control on my own, was mighty and persistent. My newfound solitude is exactly what I’ve needed to remind me that I have all of this free time to create the things I have always wanted to create. I can update my blog. I can create a Booktube account (the logistics of which I am still working out)! I can read and write and make a serious, honest effort at completing a book, any book, whatever might come out of my brain at this moment in time.

Until now, I had been letting myself veg out, on junk food, sleep, binge-watching, video games, whatever it was I needed at that moment to stay sane. But that has all come bubbling over, and a month after the pandemic was declared just that, I had enough. So here I am! Sleeping in a camper, with wifi and heat and whole lot more room than I did two days ago. Physical space, but more importantly, emotional and mental space.

I truly hope that all of you are making an effort to stay motivated, create these pockets of space for yourself, and nourishing your soul. I look forward to writing here again soon.


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